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"Still, the evening belongs to Nathaniel Shaw, whose staggering array of gifts- accent, song, dance, mime- are all ably displayed"
John Bromley, Greeley Tribune

"Shaw is in his element, master of the songs and dances and master also of the company.  A precise and elastic dancer always, he is in "Cabaret" a haunting, doomed presence of enormous charm.  He uses his fine voice to good effect... and is sheer magic throughout."
John Bromley, Greeley Tribune

"Shaw's sweet smiling voice as Curly chirping out "Oh What a Beautiful Mornin'", sets a pace and a mood that holds throughout the show.  Shaw is both adorable  and charming and makes Curly a force to be reckoned with."
- Susan E. Lindt, Intelligencer Journal

"Nathaniel Shaw is Curly, who sets off the first wonderfully, tingly chills as he sings the show-opening "Oh What a Beautfiul Mornin'" in a crisp, clear voice that echoes throughout the historic theater."
 - Laura Knowles, New Era Correspondent

"Shaw wins you with his easy charm... Sure-footed and confident in their ability, Shaw and (Jenny) Fellner are both highly skilled actors with beautiful voices.  They created the most credible, understated love affair I've seen on this stage in a long time."
- Day Hagen, New Progress

"Shaw sweeps the audience out of its seats... that boy can dance."
- Jack Zinc, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

"Nathaniel Shaw does a terrific job as Zach."
Jane Holohan, Lancaster Online

"Shaw is a very fine Zach"
- Marakay Rogers, Broadway World

"Rooster is played well by Nathaniel Shaw... Their spry Song-and-Dance ode to "Easy Street" highlights both the comedy and the menace inherent in the Hannigan siblings"
- Veronica Bruscini, Broadway World

"Playing the villains in this show are Nathaniel Shaw as Rooster and Becca Gottlieb as Lily.His portrayal as this sleazy and slimy guy and her portrayal as the not too bright bimbo are spot on. They are hilarious as the Mudge's, Annie's phony parents. Nathaniel and Becca display their amazing voices and superb dancing skills in "Easy Street" with Jan Neuberger."
- Tony Annicone, The Theater Mirror